How Do Solar Panel Work?

20W Solar Module

20W Solar Panel Features
High Efficiency
12V DC standard output
CE,TUV junction box
Lifetime:25 years
Warranty:5 years
90% power 10 years
80% power 20 years
20W Solar Panel Specification
Model                                                                CNCB20W-12
Nominal power Pm                                        20W
Power allowance                                            ±3%
Optimized working voltage Vm                     17.5V
Optimized working current Im                       1.14A
Open circuit voltage Voc                                 21.9V
Short circuit current Isc                                   1.19A
Module efficiency                                             10.2%
Withstanding voltage                                       DC715V
Dimension of module (mm)                          640*306*22
Net weight (kg)                                                 2.5

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